Applied Kinesiology

While Chiropractic helps our body’s musculoskeletal and nervous systems, some cases may require further help to our body resume its balance.

The Applied Kinesiology approach looks further into:

The Triad of Health


    • lymphatic system
    • neurovascular
    • meridian (energy flow)
    • organs
    • nutrition/remedies


Applied Kinesiology (AK) aims to help restore the balance of structural, chemical and mental factors and together they form the ‘Triad of Health’.


A common example:

A patient came into the clinic with lower back pain.

While most cases of lower back pain are mechanical and can be resolved by chiropractic treatment.

In some cases, the cause of the recurring lower back pain originates from intestinal imbalance.

Intestinal imbalance can then lead to malabsorption problems and cause an imbalance in nutrition in our body with vitamins or minerals.


Question is…

Have you been getting recurring muscle pain or back issues on and on again?

Treatment is providing you with some relief …. but the problem is coming back after a short period?

Perhaps the root of the problem is not at your pain area!?

This is when AK helps to explore further!