About Earley Family Chiropractic

Earley Family Chiropractic is dedicated to providing quality chiropractic care for you and your family, even your family pet. Whether you are aiming for pain and symptom relief or finding help to increase your performance in life, Earley Family Chiropractic will tailor the best care and treatment for every individual family member.

Dr Christal Yu DC

Hi my dear patients,

Allow me to introduce myself.

I graduated with BSc (Hons) and Masters’ degree from the world renowned Chiropractic university, the Anglo European College of Chiropractic. It was a 5 year course of chiropractic education and I enjoyed every minute of it as here I found my passion.

I am originally from Hong Kong and have been in the UK for over a decade. I am a big animal lover and thus I followed my passion and also qualified as a Animal Chiropractor. We have a Berger Picard called Enzo and a hamster called Marco. They both enjoy their regular chiropractic treatments.

Why I chose Chiropractic?

I first came into contact with natural healthcare when I was 12, I was researching how to help a rescued kitten suffering from rear leg paralysis. I came across a book about animal acupuncture massage and thought I would give it a try. After a few weeks of care the miracle appeared!! The kitten began to gain mobility and within a few months he began to walk. This was incredible. I found it fascinating and it initiated the spark that inspired me on the power of self-healing in the body and got me one step closer to chiropractic.

My interest for Chiropractic began after I observed a Chiropractor. I loved the holistic approach to not only improve symptoms but also help achieve optimum health. My true passion began after I witnessed a chiropractor adjusting a baby, seeing how such gentle treatment created such a change in mobility, symptoms and function.

Spread the power of Chiropractic

My passion for Chiropractic gave me a new perspective on Health. It teaches me how to listen to my body and be connected to my own health. I enjoy playing lots of different sports and Chiropractic helps me enhance my performance by keeping my spine and nervous system in optimum health.

My patients I looked after were aged from 4 days old to 98 years old, from local to as far as the middle east, from 2 legged to 4 legged, they all bring in different stories in life and I enjoy looking after my patients as my family. I am looking forward to assisting you to reach your optimum health and work by your side in your recovery and ongoing health journey.