Chiropractic Pricing

New Patients – Initial Consultation, Examination, Postural Scan and Report of Findings – £65

The chiropractic examination provides the key for us to understand the cause of your health condition and provide you the most efficient care plan for your condition.

The examinations will include:

  • Posture scan and analysis
  • Range of motion assessment
  • Orthopaedic examination
  • Neurological examination

Once the examination is completed, your Chiropractor will be able to let you know if your condition is suitable for chiropractic care. Depending on your condition, you chiropractor will decide if adjustments are suitable for your condition on the day of your examination. Then we will book your next visit to provide you a detailed Report of Findings


Individual Adjustment Sessions (Pay as you go) – £40 per session

  • Student, Baby and OAP special price – £36 per session.
  • Individually tailored Care Plans with adjustment session discounts available based on Report of Findings.


Canine Chiropractic

Initial Consultation and Examination – £55 

Individual Adjustment Sessions (Pay as you go) – £40

Please note that due to Veterinary Law a Veterinarian Referral will be required before any Canine Chiropractic treatment is allowed. Please download the Veterinary Consent Form and ask for your Veterinarian to sign and return it to us: