Neck Pain – Symptoms and Chiropractic Treatment

Everyone has experienced neck pain or neck stiffness once or more in their lifetime, especially with the modern life living with long hours driving and working at a desk with computers. It is also common waking up with neck pain in the morning or it accumulates and gets worse at the end of a workday, especially one of those stressful days.

If you are experiencing:

  • neck feeling restricted turning to one side or the other
  • neck hurting when turning from side to side, or with turning up and down
  • neck pain is either travelling down your arm or coming from your arm (Aware!! if it is constantly on your LEFT arm, please consult your GP/ doctor as soon as possible)
  • neck pain coming on with headache or migraine
  • ”trapped nerve”, nerve irritation which causing pain and needles down your arm and hand

These are the common symptoms of neck pain we treat as a Chiropractor with great results.

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