Canine Chiropractic

I am an International Academy Of Veterinary Chiropractic qualified Veterinary Chiropractor.  My passion is Canine Chiropractic.

I grew up with my auntie operating an animal shelter in Hong Kong and had experience working with different breeds of dogs from a young age. I currently own a Picardy Sheepdog (Berger Picard) alongside being part of the breed club helping to preserve this rare ancient endangered breed. Our family enjoy Ringcraft and different sports with our dogs.

Signs that my dog may need a Chiropractor

  • Lameness or change in gait
  • Hesitancy or slow down on sitting and lying down movements
  • Oversensitive or twitching when being touched
  • Discomfort when being moved
  • Discomfort when climbing stairs or jumping off
  • Struggle to get up after lying down
  • Chewing or licking paws
  • Favouring lying one side to the other
  • Decrease in performance during sports or exercise
  • A refusal to bend down to the food or water dish to eat or drink
  • Puppy sitting


What is Canine Chiropractic?

Canine Chiropractic provides non-surgical and drug-free treatments to help restore spinal alignment, normal joint mobility and reduce pain and muscle tension, and help increase function and most importantly the well-being of your beloved four-legged family member.

Booking is available from 18 May 2020